Awesome article about a concept that I often apply to my own designs, but have never quite articulated this well. Small integers and a minimalist approach to scale can actually give players more opportunity to strategize by increasing the relative difference between different values and/or keeping the game to a manageable level that a player can be expected to keep in their head. There is a reason when I get excited when a game has enemies with between 1-3hp for example. You can read the full article at the link below!

Increase Interactivity by “Shrinking” Your Game

Imbroglio's grid-based "deckbuilding" screen.
Imbroglio’s grid-based “deckbuilding” screen.

Very cool post by Vivafringe about the intriguing Imbroglio by Micheal Brough. This one talks about the balance that “Izu Mode” in Imbroglio manages to strike between extremely high levels of deckbuilding customization (and the influx of content that requires) and practical constraints on the production/balance/maintenance of new content (which certainly isn’t free!). Seems like a very cool approach to solving the problem, and certainly has gotten my attention as something to potentially try out.

You can find the full post here: