Fabian Fischer – “Toward A Productive Game Discourse” (Gamasutra)

Our editor Fabian Fischer has a new article on up Gamasutra about something that’s pretty near and dear to the cause of gamedesigntheory.org: improving the discourse surrounding game design and game design theory.

“That’s just my opinion!” This sentence or a variant of it is often put up as a kind of protective shield for people’s statements and arguments when talking about games. Of course this phenomenon can be observed in other forms of media as well. At first sight, the critical discourse about art and entertainment is primarily concerned with the audience’s personal opinions. However, given the youth of the professional industry and its still fairly underdeveloped theoretical foundation, the “opinion safety factor” is especially high when it comes to video games.

Check out the full post here on Gamasutra: http://www.gamasutra.com/blogs/FabianFischer/20170412/295910/Toward_a_Productive_Games_Discourse.php