Here are some questions people might have about the site.

What are the editorial criteria for new posts? (Or, how do I get my article posted on your site?)

The criteria are simply "it's a new article about game systems design theory". So articles about the process of game development, programming, art, or story would not be published, but something on the topic of creating better rulesets would. There is a little bit of grey area on what exactly constitutes game systems design theory writing sometimes, but we know it when we see it!

If you know of a new article that you think qualifies and it's not up already, definitely contact us.

How do I get my blog/video series/podcast listed on the blogroll?

We want to actively maintain a list of media producers who are currently in operation and writing about game systems design theory. "Currently" has a bit of wiggle room, but as long as you've written 3-4 articles in the last 3-4 months or so, we'll probably include you.


What about the Games page? How do I get my game on there?

The criteria for games is "the designer of this game is someone currently writing about game design theory". As with the other stuff, if you know something we don't know, contact us!