Tom Francis – Morphblade And Imbroglio: “Making A Game To Test A Critique”

Imbroglio and Morphblade
Imbroglio and Morphblade

As an unintended follow up to today’s article about Imbroglio, here’s Tom Francis’ article on his “playable game criticism” of Imbroglio: Morphblade! It delves into some interesting discussion on the implications of hit points, how much decision making should be made upfront by the player and how re-thinking your early design assumptions can help avoid local-maxima in your designs.

You can find the full article here:


  • keithburgun

    I love the idea of making games to demonstrate points of theory. Really, our games are all attempts to test predictions about what will work – or at least, the most interesting games are. That’s why I am so interested in game designers who also write about game design.